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Retaining Wall

Extending the retaining wall that I had originally built in 2012 would be the first step to this backyard firepit area. I had originally thought that I would build steps on that side for access to a shed or greenhouse.

Firepit Area Retain Wall - 0002 - Seattle Urban Oasis
Retaining Wall 2013
Gravel for base - Retaining Wall - Seattle Urban Oasis
Gravel and Sand

Excavation was required in order to lay a firm gravel base. This was my backyard project for 2022. I had to carry each 50 pound bag of sand and gravel from the street, up the stairs, and into the backyard. Then I needed to dig out the area at least six inches deeper than the first row of retaining wall for the gravel and sand base.

Who needs a gym membership when you can do projects like this. Each year I have had some big project that also gives me a good workout.

Retaining Wall - 002 - Seattle Urban Oasis
Dig, Dig, Dig

Now that the extension to the retaining wall is finished, next steps are:

Raised Planting Area
Firewood Storage.

Retaining Wall - 005 - Seattle Urban Oasis
New Retaining Wall
Retaining Wall 2013 - Seattle Urban Oasis
Original Retaining Wall 2013

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