Urban Oasis – Front Yard

In the city, your home is often tucked next to neighbors on a busy street. Embracing the draw of urban living and bringing the lively energy of the city into your daily life can be overwhelming. Creating a charming front yard amid the urban setting is an enjoyable but perplexing task. These small front yards present an opportunity to go beyond the usual and embrace landscaping ideas that are as alluring as the very soul of your house.

Urban Oasis Front Yard

Visitors are encouraged to take their time and savor the moment as they stroll along this stone pathway that winds across the front yard to a seating area. These strategically positioned seating places provide a place of calm—an escape from the hectic daily life. Whether it’s a small bench tucked under a tree or a bistro set gracing the front porch, they invite you to stay and take in the peace and quiet amidst the bustle of the city. Adding stepping stones or pavers to the walkway to draw attention to it while guiding visitors with each leisurely step.

As you combine components, keep in mind that your front yard’s charm comes not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its capacity to express your distinct personality and tastes. Let your front yard represent your interests and passions, whether they are a herb garden, a gallery showcasing regional artwork, or a commitment to a particular theme or cultural influence.

Here some ideas for creating your own front yard urban oasis.


Flagstone Pavers


Flagstone Enhancing Your Landscape with the Timeless Beauty of Flagstone Slate Slate flagstone is known for its fine texture and a wide range of colors, including gray, blue, green, and purple. It’s an excellent choice for pathways and patios due to its flat and easily stackable nature. Bluestone Bluestone is a type of sandstone that is typically blue or gray in color. It’s extremely durable and can be used for a variety of outdoor applications, …
Front Yard Ground Cover

Ground Cover

When used correctly, ground cover plants have the amazing ability to substantially improve a front yard’s curb appeal. Beyond just being attractive, they act as a tactical instrument to conceal troublesome regions and make space for the addition of new foliage. The ground cover development on the right is the result of ten years of committed cultivation. Our strategy is a fusion of numerous ground cover kinds, each of which contributes to this botanical tapestry …
Urban Oasis - Front Yard Flagstone Patio

Flagstone Patio

The front yard flagstone patio area has gone through many changes over the years. The pursuit of creating an urban oasis is ongoing, a place that feeds our souls and satisfied our needs. The decision to abandon the typical grass lawn was not at all weird to us as we sipped tea on the patio …