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July 19, ’23
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We are dedicated to helping city dwellers create their own urban oasis.

Living in a city can be thrilling yet can also be exhausting and stressful. It’s crucial to have a home of your own where you can decompress, unwind, and recharge because of this.

This website is designed to give you helpful tips, ideas, and resources to help you turn your urban space into a tranquil retreat that suits your needs and represents your unique style..

Front Yard

Incorporating a seating area can create a sense of relaxation in a bustling metropolis.


Make your backyard an oasis of tranquility and relaxation amidst the hustle of urban life.

Public Spaces

In the center of the urban hustle, these small parks offer welcome respites.

Outdoor Ideas

These are some ideas that may help you create your own Urban Oasis.


The Emerald City

Seattle is known as the Emerald City because of the year-round lushness, even in the winter. The name derives straight from this greenery. Additionally, Emerald City matches Washington State’s moniker, The Evergreen State..

Featured Day Trip
Bainbridge Island

Just a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle. There are many places to explore on Bainbridge Island

Day Trips

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around the Seattle area


Waterfall Garden Park

The Waterfall Garden Park will make a lasting effect on your soul, whether you seek refuge in the lap of nature or choose to go on a whimsical adventure. In this oasis, time appears to have stopped, allowing you to escape the bustle of daily life and take in the tranquility all around you.