Urban Oasis – Backyard

Embrace the challenge of urban living with an open mind and a creative attitude. Create a backyard sanctuary in a city setting that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of nature and find solace in your own urban oasis.

Seattle Urban Oasis - backyard

Big cities feature a variety of attractions, cultural experiences, and dynamic communities in the broad fabric of metropolitan life. Within their busy borders, expansive backyards are often a luxury only available in the suburbs. Embraced the challenge of making the most of every square inch in your high-density areas like Seattle. Converting cramped, small, or oddly shaped backyards into comfortable, useful additions to your home and design a captivating getaway for recreation and relaxation.

add unique elements to your outdoor retreat that showcase your style and aspirations. Your backyard becomes a representation of your uniqueness, whether it’s a herb garden for culinary delights, a hammock for dreamy siestas, or an artistic focal point that speaks to your soul.


New Backyard Deck

Deck Replacement

Deck Replacement Replacing a rotting deck This project required over half replacement of the deck substructure. Not only is it necessary to replace a rotting deck, it’s also a chance to modernize, improve, and redesign your urban oasis. Deck Replacement Table of Contents Replacing a rotting deck is a transformative process that can breathe new life into your outdoor space. By carefully planning, choosing the right materials, and executing the replacement with care, you can …
Cocktails around the Fire Pit

Firepit Area

One way to enhance the experience of being in your backyard is by installing a firepit. The perfect area to relax and enjoy a fire with a dram of single malt whiskey. City living can be wonderful, however it can also be hectic and quick-paced. It’s good to occasionally get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in your backyard. A fire pit is a great investment. It can be utilized …
Retaining wall and Raised Bed

Retaining Wall and Raised Bed

One of the projects for 2022 was to extend the retaining wall in the center of the backyard and build another raised bed. This was a much bigger project than I had expected but I really like the way that it turned out …
100 year old brick wall

Brick Wall

This wall was constructed utilizing 100 years old bricks that were removed from two chimneys in our home. This was a nice way to bring personality and charm to our small urban backyard. Old bricks give the wall a rustic and natural appearance that can’t be achieved with more modern materials. Additionally, it gives the area a feeling of enclosure and solitude, making it cozier and more private. Reusing existing materials reduces waste while increasing …