Urban Oasis – Public Spaces

Small parks provide much-appreciated escapes from the urban bustle in Seattle. Throughout the city, there are deliberately placed pockets of vegetation that provide residents and tourists with a refuge from the bustle of urban life. Each little park calls with its own special appeal, from charming neighborhood squares decorated with colorful flowerbeds to hidden green havens tucked away among towering skyscrapers. These urban havens embody the spirit of community and offer a breath of fresh air, celebrating the harmony of nature in the beating heart of Seattle, whether it’s relaxing for a moment on a park bench, meandering along winding paths, or taking in the beauty of carefully curated landscapes.

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Waterfall Garden Park

As you step foot into the Waterfall Garden Park, a realm of wonder unfolds before your eyes. Discover a majestic waterfall cascading gracefully, weaving its way through the verdant foliage, evoking a sense of timeless elegance. It’s a place that defies the ordinary, beckoning you to escape the confines of …

Madrona Briar Patch

The Madrona Briar Patch is part of a hidden passageway that runs on Pine Street from 37th avenue to Evergreen Place in Seattle. This modest footpath embraces a world of natural wonder, beckoning people who follow it to go out on a serene and enlightening adventure. When you find the …

Seattle Parks Firepits

Seattle Parks Firepits Seattle is known for its lush green spaces and a commitment to outdoor living offers a unique experience for those seeking the warmth and camaraderie of a fire pit. In a few parks across the Emerald City, designated fire pits beckon, inviting locals and visitors alike to …