Ground Cover

When used correctly, ground cover plants have the amazing ability to substantially improve a front yard’s curb appeal. Beyond just being attractive, they act as a tactical instrument to conceal troublesome regions and make space for the addition of new foliage.

Front Yard Ground Cover

The ground cover development on the right is the result of ten years of committed cultivation.

Our strategy is a fusion of numerous ground cover kinds, each of which contributes to this botanical tapestry in a particular ways. A vivid carpet that delights the senses with each step is the fragrant wooly thyme with beautiful lavender flowers. A touch of velvety luxury is added to the environment by the soft and inviting texture of the moss, while the resilient sedum, in all its varied forms, paints the ground with a vibrant array of hues and shapes as it adjusts to the changing seasons.

The Corsican Mint is an attractive ground cover that emits a revitalizing scent as you pass by. This minty ground cover turns an outdoor space into a sensory refuge by revitalizing the environment and awakening the air with a light chill.

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