Georgetown Garden Walk

The gardens on the Georgetown Garden Walk vary in design and plant choices, capture the spirit of Georgetown’s horticulture. Even though most Seattle lots are typically small, each garden on this walk astonishes visitors with its unique beauty and creative flair. Reclaimed and salvaged objects take center stage in this celebration of innovation and resourcefulness, where they are artistically transformed to beautify the environment.

Georgetown Seattle
Gessner Mansion - Georgetown Castle
The Gessner Mansion

Visitors witness an artistically crafted symphony of colors and scents as they meander along the twisting trails, intended to spark imagination and appreciation. Every garden offers a different tale, describing the hopes and aspirations of those who devotedly tended the lush havens. The variety of designs, which range from the infamous Gessner Mansion to charming cottage-style gardens, and modern landscapes, they all showcase Georgetown’s community of inclusion and eclecticism.

The Georgetown Garden Walk promotes community and connections beyond merely admiring lovely scenery. Along the luscious paths, it brings together gardeners and nature lovers who share knowledge, spark ideas, and form enduring connections. The participants join in a larger celebration of nature’s beauty and wealth as a result of their shared experience.

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