100 year old brick wall


The majority of the brick wall is constructed with over 100-year-old bricks that were salvaged when two chimneys were removed from the house.

100 year old brick wall

The area in front of the concrete retaining wall needed to be cleared first. The old bricks all vary a little in size so the first three rows of bricks are cement to make the base more consistent.

100 year old brick wall
Cement Bricks and Weep Hole

Weep holes are present in all retaining walls and other ground-draining constructions. Weep holes provide a channel for drainage, allowing any moisture that might seep into the wall from behind it due to penetration, capillary action, or leakage.

In addition to acting as a ventilator, weep holes installed in brick masonry help prevent the formation of mold, dry rot, and moisture, all of which can reduce the lifespan and functionality of the retaining wall.

weep hole cover - 100 year old brick wall
Weep Hole Cover

Pests like insects and rodents can get access through weep holes. Baffled vent installation can fix this problem. When I constructed the wall, I used a stainless steel weep hole cover.

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